Infinity Travel Scarf With Zipper Pocket

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Secret large zipper pocket fits a smartphone, credit card, cash, ID or passport, lipstick or keys. Take all your essentials with you securely & covertly, your most valuable items are completely hidden, which keeps them safe. Hands-free travelling, leave your handbag at home.

Made by travel experts for travellers of all kinds, our infinity scarf is lightweight, stylish, functional and keeps you warm too. When traveling you need to keep valuables close by, this perfect solution means your hands are free to take photos and leave your bag behind.

Infinity scarf can be worn in at least 10 different ways; single loop, knot, shawl, turtleneck, bow, fat loop, tie, hood, double loop, and flower styles. The infinity scarf design ensures that your scarf won’t accidentally fall off, so you won’t lose anything important.

On-the-go essential scarf for all situations and any season, unisex, for those who have an active lifestyle. Whether on excursions, in airports & train stations, days shopping, or on nights out, it's an effortless addition to any outfit and a staple item for your long-term travel packing list.

Great for urban situations, worn over your clothes so no digging around to find essential items, useful if you need regular passport access, simple & effective, no more worrying about pickpockets.