Dry Bag Waterproof Backpacks

Dry Bags Built For Every Adventure 

Having a watertight dry bag you can rely on in every situation is key to our approach in producing high quality bags that our customers will love and find indispensable whatever challenge lies ahead. 

A dry bag rucksack is a versatile carrier suitable for any activity; canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding and boating. Can be used as a floating dry bag to tow behind your canoe if space is limited onboard.

Heavy duty dry bags perfect for days out on the water. Various generous sizes to cater for any trip will all keep your stuff safe, clean and dry. 

Watertight dry bags in 20L, 10L and 2L sizes for kayaking, SUP paddle boarding, boating, sailing, cycling, hiking, running, motorcycle and more. Protects everything important against the elements. Lightweight backpack, yet tough with a durable water repellent finish.

The Pack Wolf Company dry bags are made of the highest quality thick 500D tarpaulin which is an ultra tough waterproof fabric, resisting tear, puncture, abrasion, strong enough to use in the most harsh conditions.

When you're out on the unpredictable conditions of open water you need to assured that your storage is going to handle if you get separated from it temporarily, so the roll top closure on our dry bags will seal it watertight and by leaving a significant air pocket inside the bag it has great buoyancy too. It simply floats on the surface, allowing you retrieve it easily with no risk to your gear stashed inside.