Welcome To Our Story

The Pack Wolf Company story has its roots in a 20 year career in the travel industry. Through this lifetime of travelling, countless travel products have been found, loved and lost. Amongst these, some became essential pre-trip packing; gear trusted to protect and solve problems whilst on the road. 

'Look after your pack' became the mantra that underpins these 3 pillars of ease, comfort and protection. Each product we make carries those values throughout  development to ensure they're always the first thing you grab for your pack.

The Pack Wolf Company Outdoor & Travel Gear | About Us
The Pack Wolf Company Outdoor & Travel Gear | About Us

The Pack Wolf Company is based in Alford, a small market town perched on the edge of the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds, just a short drive from the golden sand beaches of England's East Coast. 

I'm Mark Farrer and I started this travel product company in the middle of the Coronavirus global pandemic, at a time when international travel had come to a virtual standstill. The idea behind this business is not quite as crazy as it might first seem; it is in fact, more about looking at established travel products and seeing how they can benefit our everyday lives as well.

Milestones In The Pack Wolf Journey So Far