Sleep Mask 3D Memory Foam & Travel Pouch

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Sleep Masks That Guarantee 100% Blackout

A great sleep mask is the essential accessory to getting good sleep. To be great, a sleep mask must totally block light out; it must fit snugly with no pressure around the eyes; it must allow skin to breathe; and it feels light and comfortable.

At The Pack Wolf Company, why stress the '100% blackout' qualities so much?

Simply put, light sensitive cells in the retina of our eyes tell the brain when it's daytime or night time which helps determine our sleep patterns.

Complete darkness boosts your body’s melatonin level (the sleep inducing hormone) which will send you to sleep much quicker than if you weren’t wearing a sleep mask.

Getting rest on the move shouldn't come at a cost to your lush eyelashes and flawless makeup either, so we've thought about that too. Deep contoured eye pockets minimise eye fatigue and there's also room for lashes to move. 


CONTOURED MEMORY FOAM CORE & 3D ERGONOMIC DESIGN Breathable and lightweight. Slow rebound memory foam offers a snug fit on face but feels cool and airy. Clever shaping of lines and curves assures superb comfortable fit for all face types and 100% light blackout.

PERFECT SLEEP COMPANION For night sleep, office, nap, shift work, travel on planes or trains, hotel, meditation, relaxation. WE INCLUDE A PAIR OF FOAM EAR PLUGS WITH EVERY SLEEP MASK TO ADDITIONALLY BLOCK OUT SOUND TOO.

EYELASH-FRIENDLY EYE CAVITIES & SUPERSOFT NOSE ‘BAFFLE’ Deep 1.0cm zero-pressure eye pockets, kind to eyelashes, won’t smudge makeup. Padded contoured wings cocoon nose providing comfort fit and true blackout.

PREMIUM DRAWSTRING TRAVEL POUCH Keeps sleep mask clean & fresh when travelling, lightweight yet sturdy. Sleep mask folds easily for packing inside.

ADJUSTABLE HEADBAND STRAP Fits all adult hat sizes from S to XXL. Easily adjustable 2.5cm wide stretchable strap with Velcro fastening. No uncomfortable clips or fastenings, ideal for back & side-sleepers.